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Norwegian flag Troll Station / Antarctica Norwegian flag

Latitude : 72°01 S
Longitude : 2°32 E Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC +0

Troll research station is a Norwegian Antarctic research station in Queen Maud Land, in the eastern part of Princess Martha Coast, constructed during the Norwegian expedition 1989 - 1990. Located 1270 m above sea level, 235 km from the coast. Contrary to other research stations on the continent, Troll is constructed on the snow-free slope of solid rock breaking through the ice sheet at Jutulsessen.

The station, managed by the Norwegian Polar Institute, was only manned during the Antarctic summer months until facilities for permanent residence were installed February 2005. The capacity is limited to eight people through the winter (average winter population is six) and a significantly larger number during the summer (maximum 40) thanks to the temporary tent camp erected each spring.

On February 12th 2005 the station was officially opened by HM Queen Sonja of Norway for a manned all-year operation, which actually only has been permanent since November 2006. To facilitate logistics, an airfield was constructed in 2005, on the Antarctic ice sheet, 6.8 km N-NW of the station.

Credits : Information by Wikipedia encyclopedia. Pictures by Dag Kjetil Sjaaeng LA9SDA.
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