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Application form

- Submit to the "Antarctic Challenge" (application form)

Antarctic Challenge rules

- 1 point for each different entity
- 1 point for each different nation
- 1 point for each different island
- 1 point for each polar institute headquarter
- 1 point for each different polar ship.

For example FT5YG counts for Dumont d'Urville station + Petrels island + France so 3 points  (See also the application form example).
There is no minimum requirement to appear on the Antarctic Challenge, all bands and modes from 160 to 10 m are available.
QSL cards must be in the applicant's possession, original QSL may be requested in case of doubt.
The application form has to be sent to : F5PFP
The score (the sum of the points obtained ) will be published after verification on this page : Antarctic_Challenge_results


1-To be valid an entity must be :
*A settlement (station ,refuge) situated in Antarctica or in the subantarctic islands south of 40°00 S and 100 km from the nearest country
*or a peri antarctic region (highest effective administrative level) mainly situated south of 40°00 S.
2-To be valid the settlements and the peri antarctic regions must be listed in the Antarctic Challenge Directory.


1-To be valid an island must be :
*situated at sea (inland islands are not valid)
*completely or partially situated south of 40°00 S

Polar institute headquarters

National polar institute headquarters of the nations working in Antarctica are qualified for Antarctic Challenge.

Polar ships

1-To be valid a polar ship :
*Must be a supply ship, a research ship, a navy ship or an icebreaker
*Must have sailed  south of 40°00 S at least
2-QSO with the ship at any position are valid.

Antarctic Challenge map

Antarctic Challenge map

Antarctic Challenge directory

 Antarctic Challenge Entities list source

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