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Application form

- Submit to the "Arctic Challenge" (application form)

Arctic Challenge rules

- 1 point for each different entity
- 1 point for each different - 1 point for each different island (ex : Spitsbergen Island)
- 1 point for each different polar institute headquarter (ex : IPEV)
- 1 point for each different polar ship.

For example : JW0HU counts for Hornsund Station + Spitsbergen Island + Poland = 3 points (See also the application form example).
There is no minimum requirement to appear on the Arctic Challenge, all bands and modes between 10 and 160 m are available.

QSLcards must be in the applicant's possession, original QSL may be requested by the Arctic Challenge manager in case of doubt !
The application form has to be sent to : F5PFP
Score (the sum of the points obtained) will be published after verification on this page : Arctic_Challenge_results


1-To be valid an entity must be :
-A settlement (base, refuge, community) north of 60°00N in the Arctic ocean (Barents, Laptev, Chukchi, Kara, East Siberian, Greenland, Beaufort seas). That is to say, the large area situated north of the main lands of Europe, Asia, North America.
- Or a peri Arctic region (highest effective administrative level) mainly situated north of 60°00N.

2-To be valid the settlements and the peri Arctic regions must be listed in the Arctic Challenge Entities list source.


1- To be valid an island :
- Must be situated at sea (inland islands are not valid)
- Must be completely or partially situated north of 60°00N
- Must belong to an IOTA group.

Polar institute headquarters

National polar institute headquarters of the nations working in the Arctic are qualified for the Arctic Challenge.

Polar ships

1- To be valid a polar ship :
- Must be a supply ship, a research ship, a navy ship or an icebreaker
- Must have sailed north of 60°00N at least once.

2-QSO with the polar ship at any position are valid.

Arctic Challenge map

Arctic Challenge map

Arctic Challenge Directory

 Arctic Challenge Entities list source

Page update : March 6th 2018 - Mehdi F5PFP