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Chilian flag Arturo Prat Station / Greenwich Island Chilian flag

Latitude : 62°30 S
Longitude : 59°41 W Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC -4

Arturo Prat was the first station built by Chile in Antarctica. Located on Greenwich Island, this base started its operations on February 6th 1947 as a meteorological and radio-telegraphic center operating during the summer season. Its initial name was "Base Soberania” and it was managed by the Chilean Army, which on February 23rd 2004 shut the station down affecting considerably Chilean activities in the South Shetland Islands.

 The station consists of a main house of more than 900 m2, an emergency hut with room for 15 people, a laboratory, a garage, a larder and an incinerator room.
Today, 16 scientific Antarctic programs are managed from Punta Arenas, home of the INACH since 2003.

Credits : Information by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR). Pictures by Kratzmaier.
Music : Ed Starink - Zimmer - Synthesizer Greatest 2 - Rainman Theme / Arcade 1989