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Chilian flag Eduardo Frei Montalva Station / King George Island Chilian flag

Latitude : 62°11 S
Longitude : 58°58 W Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC -3

Base Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva is the most important Antarctic station of Chile. It is located at Fildes Peninsula, an ice-free area, in front of Fildes Bay (Maxwell Bay), west of King George Island, South Shetland Islands.

Situated alongside the Escudero Station and only 200 m from the Russian Bellingshausen Station, with an altitude of 10 m ASL. It has a 1300 m long airstrip (Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Aerodrome, ICAO Code SCRM), with 50 intercontinental and 150 intracontinental flights each season, serving as a means of transport to many stations around.

Credits : Information by the Wikipedia encyclopedia. Pictures by Ben Cooper, Thomas Cruz Reyes CE3VPM, Mehdi Escoffier F5PFP.
Music : Jean-Stephan Regottaz - Concerto du IIIeme millenaire - 3eme mouvement / JSR 1989