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German flag Neumayer III Station / Antarctica German flag

Latitude : 70°40 S
Longitude : 8°16 W Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC +0

German antarctic station Neumayer III is situated 6 km South of the old station Neumayer II and was inaugurated in February 2009.

The station serves as a base for scientific observatories as well as logistic centre for inland expeditions and polar aircraft.
The meteorological observatory of the Neumayer Station supplies crucial data for climate research since 1981.

Radiation measurements of the Neumayer Station are processed in an international measurement network for climate research under the guidance of the Alfred Wegener Institute. The air chemistry observatory measures climate relevant gases like carbon dioxide, methane and ozone since 1983.

Normally, nine people live and work at Neumayer Station during the Antarctic winter : A medical doctor who also acts as the head of the station, a meteorologist, an airchemist, two geophysicists, an engineer, an electrician, a radio operator/electronics engineer and a cook.

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