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US flag Byrd Surface Camp / Antarctica US flag

Latitude : 80°01 S
Longitude : 119°32 W Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC -6

The Byrd station (renamed Byrd Surface Camp) was commissioned on January 1957 and small crews wintered over there in the 1960's. The original buildings are buried more than 30 m under the surface and are not accessible. The camp was resurrected, as a shadow of its former self (no wintering over for sure), from time to time to support projects in the area. The station was then converted into a summer-only field camp until it was abandoned in 2004-05. Later the NSF which manages the US Antarctic Program (USAP), had plans as of June 2009 to build a new camp to support a number of scientific projects in West Antarctica .

Credits : Information by miscellaneous. Pictures by August Allen.
Music : Emmylou Harris - Bluebird - I Still Miss Someone / Reprise Records 1989