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Argentinian flag Ellsworth Station / Antarctica Argentinian flag

Latitude : 77°39 S
Longitude : 41°02 W Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC -3

Ellsworth was originally a station established by the United States during the 1957 International Geophysical Year and was handed over to Argentine on January 17, 1959.

With the handover, the United States government gave the buildings, facilities, and all existing food supplies whilst Argentina committed to provide the logistical and administrative services necessary for the continued operation of the station.
It was agreed that scientists of both countries would work together at the station in technical studies and scientific research. During its operation a number of experiments and observations were carried out involving meteorology, radiation, measurement of carbon dioxide from the air, ionospheric observations of cosmic rays, and studies to the Filchner Ice Shelf.
On December 30th 1962 Ellsworth was abandoned and disappeared under the ice.

Credits : Information by Wikipedia encyclopedia. Pictures by Demetrio Luizon LU3XPM.
Music : Montserrat Caballé - Casta Diva - Tosca, opera: Vissi D'Arte / BMG 1994