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Argentinian flag Marambio Station / Seymour Island Argentinian flag

Latitude : 64°14 S
Longitude : 56°38 W Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC -3

This permanent station, founded on October 29st of 1969, was named after Argentine Air Force pilot Gustavo Argentino Marambio, one of the first pilots flying over Antarctica. Prior to its foundation a team led by Vice-Commodore Mario Luis Olezza built the 1200 m (3800 ft) long, 40 m (120 ft) wide landing track, the first one in the continent.
Nowadays, the track is equipped with VOR, DME and NDB electronic landing systems. Supplies are taken to Marambio Station during the whole year, to be later distributed to other Argentine stations nearby (except for Belgrano II). There are over 100 intercontinental flights every year. Fokker F-28 Fellowship T-01 "Patagonia" - belonging to the Argentine president - became the first jet to land at the Antarctic when it touched down at Marambio, on 28 July 1973, 13:28 h. The station has 27 buildings in a total area of 4278 m2, of which 1155 are used for accommodation.

Scientific activities at this station : cosmic ray observations, glaciology, ionospheric/auroral observations, stratospheric ozone monitoring and meteorological observations, etc.

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