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French flag Italian flag MNS Concordia Station / Antarctica European flag

Latitude : 75°06 S
Longitude : 123°20 E Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC +8

The French-Italian station Concordia (also named Dome C) is located 1100 km inland of the French research station Dumont d'Urville, about 3200 m ASL at one of the coldest place of the world. Temperatures hardly rise above -25°C in summer and can fall below -80°C in winter and the annual average air temperature is -54.5°C.

In the 1990s, Concordia-Dome C was chosen for deep ice core drilling by the EPICA project.
The station has been identified as a suitable location for extremely accurate astronomical observations. The transparency of the Antarctic atmosphere permits the observation of stars even when the sun is at an elevation angle of 38°.

Other advantages include the very low infrared sky emission, the high percentage of cloud-free time and the low aerosol and dust content of the atmosphere.

Credits : Information by Institut Polaire Francais - Paul Emile Victor (IPEV) and Wikipedia. Pictures by miscellaneous.
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