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United Nations flag MNS World Park Station / Ross Island United Nations flag

Latitude : 77°38 S
Longitude : 166°24 E Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC +12

World Park (also named Greenpeace Station) was a non-governmental permanent Antarctic station located at Cape Evans on Ross Island.

The international environmental organization Greenpeace established World Park Station in 1987 in order to press its demand for the Antarctic Treaty nations to declare all of the continent of Antarctica a World Park. This would make the entire continent off-limits to commercial exploitation and pollution, and permit only scientific research.

Scientific projects were carried out on the sea ice, on the beaches, in the lower sections of the ice free area, on the ice-cored moraine and on the Barne Glacier. Another work was done at Cape Barne, Cape Royds, different locations on the Ross Ice Shelf, lakes Vanda, Brownsworth, Frixell, Bonney, and Black Island.

Finally World Park closed down, and was completely dismantled in 1992.

Credits : Information by Greenpeace and Wikipedia. Pictures by Greenpeace and miscellaneous.
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