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Peruvian flag Machu Picchu Station / King George Island Peruvian flag

Latitude : 62°05 S
Longitude : 58°28 W Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC -3

The Machu Picchu Scientific Station is a scientific Peruvian research facility established in Antarctica, sponsored by the Peruvian government.
Peru annually sends scientific expeditions to Antarctica. The INANPE is responsible for the base, which is located on King George Island, in Admiralty Bay.

Main scientific studies are geology, climatology and biology. More specifically, its purpose is to study the continent's geological past, potential sea resources, wind strengths, air pollution, and the animal adaptation in a freezing environment.

Several scientific projects have been developed, such as investigations about the krill and its possibilities as an alternative food. Also there have been geological, biological, hydrographic and geophysics projects, according to the Antarctic Treaty System. The equipment installed includes radar to measure the winds at the highest atmosphere layer; with this data scientists research ozone depletion.

Credits : Information by Wikipedia encyclopedia. Pictures by INANPE, Mehdi Escoffier F5PFP.
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