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finnish flag Aboa Station / Antarctica finnish flag

Latitude : 73°03 S
Longitude : 13°25 W Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC +0

Aboa Station was built in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica, in 1988. It is located 130km from the shore, on the nunatak Basen in the Vestfjella Mountains. Aboa is operated by FINNARP, which is responsible for logistical support for scientific projects financed by the Academy of Finland.
The station designed to provide for expeditions sized about 10 persons, consists of a main building, 3 laboratory containers, storehouse containers, a vaulted hall, a generator building and a vehicle hall.

Aboa is occupied only during the Antarctic summer. At that time of the year the conditions are most suitable for research activity, air temperature being approximately minus 0-15°C.

The size of expeditions has been increasing continuously, and therefore the enlargement of Aboa has become relevant. Aboa will be refurbished during the southern summer of 2002/2003, when more working and accommodation space will be built. The station will also be developed into a more energy-saving and environment friendly facility.

Credits : Information by the Finnish Institute of Marine Research, Mika Kalakoski OH2FFP. Pictures by Mika Kalakoski OH2FFP.
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