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belgian flag Princess Elisabeth Station / Antarctica belgian flag

Latitude : 71°57 S
Longitude : 23°20 E Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC +2

Princess Elisabeth Station was built over a 5 years period on Dronning Maud land and was officially inaugurated on the February 15th 2009.

The station is the first “zero emission” facility in Antarctica, at the beginning of an era in which the rising cost of fuel has begun to seriously endanger future research activities.

The SAMBA project is the belgian contribution to the antarctic meteorites research program. As the microorganisms dominate the surroundings of the station, the BELDIVA project explore the microbial diversity. The belgian BELATMOS project sets out to carry out observations on the composition and chemistry of the atmosphere in particular, the ozone and related trace gases, UV radiation and aerosol.
The glaciology project studys the ice shelf and dynamics movements in Antarctica in order to improve scientific models.

Credits : Information by Belgian Polar Secretariat. Pictures by Belgian Polar Secretariat
Music : Urban Trad - Elem - Lampang/Mideau rhémila (live) / Universal music 2004