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swedish flag Svea Station / Antarctica finnish flag

Latitude : 74°35 S
Longitude : 11°13 W Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC +1

The Svea Research Station was built during the 1987/88 Antarctic Expedition, and was the first Swedish research station in Antarctica built since the Maudheim Station in 1949 and the Snow Hill Station in 1901.

Svea is located in the Heimefront Range about 64 km from the coast in the Scharffenbergbotnen niche valley.

The station, comprising two joined fibreglass modules, is about 12 m² and has four beds and one pantry.

Svea is used periodically during the field season and was the main base for the 1992/93 expedition when its capacity was expanded by adding a living module, workshop, and storage container.

Credits : Information by the Swedish Polar Research Secretary. Pictures by Mika Kalakoski OH2FFP and miscellaneous.
Music : Andreas Vollenweider - White Winds - The White Winds/The White Boat (First View) / CBS 1984