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Swedish flag Wasa Station / Antarctica Swedish flag

Latitude : 73°03 S
Longitude : 13°25 W Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC +0

The Swedish research station Wasa was built at Vestfjella, Queen Maud Land during the 1988/89 Antarctic Expedition. The station is located at the nunatakk Base. Nearby is the Finish station Aboa and together they constitute the so-called Nordenskiold Base.

The main building is 17.5 x 7.6 m, made of wood and it rests on 1.5 m high poles in order to avoid the accumulation of blowing snow. The station house consists of four bedrooms, a large kitchen and a common room. There is also a sauna, a shower, and a laundry room. The station accommodates 12-16 people.

Close to the station house is the generator house, a building of 7.5 x 6 m. The building, which consists of three joined containers, contains generators, the water supply system, and a workshop. For storage, 20 foot containers are used. They are usually transported to Antarctica in connection with the expeditions.

Credits : Information by the Swedish Polar Research Secretary. Pictures by Mika Kalakoski OH2FFP .
Music : ABBA - Thank You for the Music - Eagle / Polar music international 1994