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Australian flag Casey Station / Antarctica Australian flag

Latitude : 66°17 S
Longitude : 110°31 E Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC +8

Casey is located in the Windmill Islands - just outside the Antarctic Circle - and is the third Australian station to occupy a site on Vincennes Bay. Just 3880 km due south of Perth, Casey is the closest of Australia's permanent Antarctic stations.
Situated in an area of the low rocky Windmill Islands and peninsulas, Casey is perched on the edge of the massive Antarctic ice cap. With more than more than 50 islands in the group, the Windmill Islands are home to tens of thousands of birds, including Adelie penguins, giant petrels, skuas and snow petrels. To the east of Casey, rises Law Dome, a small and almost circular ice cap 200 km in diameter. Law Dome, 1395 m high and 110 km inland, is an immense ice cap that was the site of a drilling project that finally reached bedrock in 1993.
The ice was measured to be 1200 m thick. Casey is also the site of large moss beds, recognised as among the most significant vegetated areas on the continent.
An Antarctic Meteorological Centre, established at Casey in 1993 to provide high resolution satellite imagery to the WMC in Melbourne, is now becoming the focus for weather and climate research in this vital part of the global weather system.

Credits : Information by Australian Antarctic Division. Pictures by Bob, Gerry Bulger G3WIP, Dan, Mehdi Escoffier F5PFP, Joel, Tom, C. Wilson.
Music : Era - Reborn - Come into My World / Pueblo Film 2008