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Australian flag Davis Station / Antarctica Australian flag

Latitude : 68° 35 S
Longitude : 77° 58 E Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC +7

Davis Station is located on the edge of the Vestfold Hills eastern side of Prydz Bay on the Ingrid Christensen Coast, Princess Elizabeth Land.
It is bounded by the Sorsdal Glacier in the south, by the steep ice-covered slopes leading up to the continental plateau in the east some 24 km from the coast, and by the sea to the northwest. The Vestfold Hills area is bare, low-lying hilly country, deeply indented by sea-inlets. Numerous islands fringe the coast out to 5 km. An ice-free area of about 400 km2, the region is the largest coastal ice-free area in Antarctica, and has the greatest variety and number of lakes.

The region is biologically unique because of its freshwater and hyper-saline lakes which support microscopic invertebrates. The temperature of Deep Lake, which is nearly as salty as the Dead Sea, falls to about -18°C in winter, yet it still supports life and does not freeze due to its high salinity. The unique setting of Davis puts it close also to penguin colonies, numerous Weddell seals and an elephant seal haul out area.
The station is about 24 km from the ice plateau which may be reached by foot across the Vestfold Hills throughout the year, or by oversnow vehicle on the sea-ice during the winter months.

Credits : Information by Australian Antarctic Division. Pictures by Mehdi Escoffier F5PFP, Didier Monselesan, Mark Pekin, Glenn Roser, Peter Shuller, Andrew T., John W..
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