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Australian flag Mawson Station / Antarctica Australian flag

Latitude : 67°36 S
Longitude : 62°52 E Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC +6

Established in February 1954. Named for Douglas Mawson, the station is situated on an isolated outcrop of rock on the coast in Mac Robertson Land, at the edge of the Antarctic plateau. It is Australia's first continental station and the longest continuously operating station south of the Antarctic Circle.

The station is the most westerly of the three continental stations, lying about 5200 km south-west of Perth, Western Australia. It is situated on the south-eastern shore of Horseshoe Harbour, a small ice-free rock outcrop some 900 by 700 m in size adjacent to the continental ice cap in Holme Bay, Mac Robertson Land.

The climate is typical of coastal East Antarctica where the ice cap falls steeply to sea level. The main climatic feature is the katabatics, or gravity-fed winds, which result from drainage of cold air down the steep slopes of the ice sheet from the higher interior of the continent. Prolonged periods of strong and gale force winds occur, averaging 50 kts, and sometimes wind gusts reach 130-140 kts. 16 km inland, the wind is much stronger. The plateau surface in the coastal region is mostly blue ice, occasionally covered by light snow in winter and spring.

Credits : Information by Australian Antarctic Division. Pictures by Robyn Mundy, Peter Schuller, Peter Tsiminadis, Jodi Wruck, Tony Zafran.
Music : Jean-Stephan Regottaz - Style - Undersky / JSR 1985-1987