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UK flag Rothera Station R / Adelaide Island UK flag

Latitude : 67°34 S
Longitude : 68°08 W Logo Google Earth

Time : UTC -3

Station R is built at Rothera Point on a promontory of rock at the southern extremity of the Wormald Ice Piedmont.
It is occupied since 25th October 1975. The station is open throughout the year, in the summer the population will peak at just over 100 people. In the winter months, April to mid October, a staff of around 22 will be continuing the science work and looking after the station infrastructure.

The work disciplines represented on the station include marine and terrestrial biologists, meteorologists, electronics engineers, dive officer, boating officer, chef, doctor, vehicle and generator mechanics, electricians, plumbers, builders, field assistants, communications managers and of course a station management team.

Rothera is the principal BAS logistics centre for support of Antarctic field science. There is a 900 m long crushed rock runway allowing an air link with South America and the Falkland Islands, the Biscoe Wharf provides safe mooring for ships.

Credits : Information by British Antarctic Survey. Pictures by Michael Prior-Jones M0MPJ, Tris Thorne MM0TJR, Mehdi Escoffier F5PFP.
Music : Nunatak - Would you do it all again / British Antarctic Survey 2007