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UK flag Wordie Hut Station F / Winter Island UK flag

Latitude : 65°15 S
Longitude : 64°16 W

Time : UTC -3

Wordie Hut was established on Winter Island in 1947 as "Base F-Argentine islands" and closed in 1954. A new base also named "Base F-Argentine islands"and renamed later Faraday replaced the original station on Galindez Island.

The normal occupancy of the station was 4 to 5 people. Meteorology was the main scientific research but this programme was transfered to Station F-Faraday. Then Wordie Hut was carefully maintained and used as a refuge.

Credits : Information by Mehdi Escoffier F5PFP. Pictures by Mehdi Escoffier F5PFP. Record by Cyril Viallard F5OUX.
Music : Pink Floyd - The Division Bell - High hopes / Pink Floyd Music 1994