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South african flag SANAE IV Station / Antarctica South african flag

Latitude : 72°40 S
Longitude : 2°51 W

Time : UTC +0

Located in the Queen Maud Land region of Eastern or Greater Antarctica, SANAE IV is on top of a distinctive flat-topped nunatak, Vesleskarvet, on the fringe of the Ahlmann Range of mountains.
The station is approximately 80 km from the edge of the continent (also known as the grounding line or hinge zone) and 160 km from the edge of the ice shelf. Vesleskarvet is completely surrounded by the glacial ice sheet.

SANAE IV's reason for existence is to provide a permanent year-round station for scientists undertaking research projects under the auspices of SANAP. Investigations carried-out year-round are predominantly in the physical sciences, while the summer months allow research in more diverse fields such as oceanography, biology, geology and geomorphology. Recent projects have also focussed on sources of renewable energy such as solar and particularly wind power generation.

Credits : Information by Wikipedia. Pictures by Benke de Wet.
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